Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey, good news everybody. I'm so happy. Thank God.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It was Zahra's first word. I was walking out from my room and she was in her cot. When she saw me leaving, I heard, "Mama". I stopped walking. Then, I heard again, 'Mama'. Now I know what 'baby's first word' means....everything...especially if your baby's first word is the name she will called you for the rest of your life.

Not forgotten, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to all my friends....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lots of things to be done...

After submitting my thesis, I thought that I'm gonna enjoy a bit of leisure, but unfortunately, that is not the case...hmmm..lots of stuff to do. submit journal paper, apply for grant, submit administration stuff, preparation for raya... so on and so many works yet so little time...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

All the best...

Finally, the day has come. Tomorrow I will submit my thesis correction. Wish me luck my friends. One more step to go..

Friday, August 7, 2009


Tadi sewaktu di makmal, seorang sahabat bercerita mengenai perjalanannya ke Plaza Angsana, melihat Pameran Kemerdekaan yang didadakan di sana. Pada kawasan pameran tersebut, terdapat gambar-gambar sebelum, sewaktu dan selepas kemerdekaan yang negera kita kecapi pada 1951 yang lalu. Juga, terdapat gambar-gambar mengenai komunis dan apa yang komunis telah lakukan terhadap penduduk negara kita sewaktu mereka masih bermaharajalela. Namun yang menarik perhatian saya ialah cerita beliau mengenai ada seorang kakak yang turut melihat gambar-gambar tersebut.

Kakak tersebut menceritakan yang dia mempunyai seorang makcik. Kisah makciknya sungguh menyayat hati. Kakak tersebut menceritakan sewaktu zaman komunis bermaharajalela, makcik beliau masih bayi (baru beberapa bulan dilahirkan). Pada suatu masa, komunis datang ke kampungnya dan memaksa semua penduduk kampung masuk komunis sesiapa yang enggan akan dibunuh. Keluarga makcik kakak tersebut enggan dan semuanya dibinuh kecuali makcik kakak tersebut. Ibunya dibunuh ketika masih menyusukannya. Setelah itu komunis itu meninggal rumah itu dan mencari penduduk yang lain. Kemudian mereka kembali lagi ke rumah makcik kakak tersebut dan masih lagi melihat makcik kakak tersebut yang pada waktu itu masih bayi, masih lagi menyusu dari ibunya walhal ibunya sudah mati dan berlumuran darah.

Sehinggakan badan bayinya turut berlumuran darah. Beliau masih lagi menyusu walaupun ibunya telah kehabisan susu. Aku tak dapat menahan air mata, sebak. Kerana pada waktu sahabatku berceta, aku terbayangkan sekiranya aku yang berada di tempat ibu yang dibunuh itu dan Zahra menjadi bayi itu. Tak dapat ku gambarkan betapa tiba-tiba dendam kesumatku terhadap komunis membuak secara drastik. Sekarang aku faham mengapa sewaktu ditimbulkan isu membawa masuk semula Chin Peng, ramai warga emas negara ini menbangkang sekeras-kerasnya. Walaupun mempelajari subjek Sejarah, namun sesetengah pelajar termasuk diriku sendiri tidak faham apakah yang dilakukan komunis terhadap negara kita. Justeru, perlu diletakkan banyak gambar-gambar yang menunjukkan betapa kejamnya komunis terhadap negara kita di dalam buku Sejarah.

Jangankan aku, alah cuba tanya generasi terbaru negara ini tentang komunis dan apakah jawapan mereka? Sekadar belajar melalui buku sahaja tidak cukup, sepatutnya matapelajaran Sejarah harus dilengkapi dengan video yang boleh ditonton sehingga mencetuskan rasa keazaman untuk membela negara. Sebagai contoh, adakan rentetan video dengan olahan yang menarik seperti yang terdapat di dalam National Geographic Channel dan History Channel. Baru berkesan untuk membentuk satu negara bangsa. Cerita-cerita seperti Bukit Kepung harus dibanyakkan lagi.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update on Zahra

Zahra dah boleh meniarap dan mengesot. She is a very interesting baby. Lagi pun sekarang ni dia dah boleh tiru bunyi-bunyi yang kami buat. Dia dah start makan makanan baby. Besides that, kami bagi rasa pelbagai jenis makanan because my husband told me that if we give her new food then she will develop a new memory of that particular taste because her brain will create a space for he to memorize that taste thus increase her memory. So, enjoy gambar terbaru Zahra.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I'm sooooo worry..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My 1st experience as a lecturer..huhu

My 1st Class was on Monday, 8 am..of course nobody would like to come to any class such early in the morning. So, on that morning, I've 7 student out of 29 in my class. conducting a pop quiz did came across my mind, but since they had just returned from their practical, i shelved my intention for later session. After 3 months of spending their time as practical trainees, i think they would probably want to spend some time together with their family for at least two or three days before returning to campus.

So far, my students were ok. I actually want to develop a two-way communication in my class. Some said 'to be a lecturer you just have to be syok sendiri', meaning to say all you need to do is just stand there speak up like everybody's listening to you. But, I don't want to be that type of lecturer. I want my student to actively engaged during the session in my class. That was what I did. Luckily, they agreed to participate. We shared ideas and thought. So far from the 1st class I think i managed to attract my students' attention even though it was still early in the morning. How about next class? we'll see!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


As a new member of the faculty, I've to make sure that I'm ready to meet the demand of university's philosophy. That's why I have to attend a lot of courses in these few weeks...and of course don't have time to update this blog. Last Wednesday, I attended 'Teaching Portfolio Course'. I think it was just another course but I must say, I really learned a lot from my seniors on how to approach students and how to give a lecture. Apart from that, I really like this course because it was different from that course in Melaka. Why? Because last time in Melaka the participants was too eager to show their capabilities sometimes it seem like they want to show off and at times even appeared holier than thou.

Different from this Teaching Portfolio course, the participants were rather prone to share their knowledge in teaching, handling students' behavior, and as well as their own teaching portfolio. I really like this course. A course that really improves me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hi..I'm back

Hi all...went to Malacca last week attending a 1 week program organized by my faculty. A hectic schedule means there's no time for blogging. Luckily I can bring along Baby Zahra with me. So, I asked my mom to accompany me to babysit Zahra. Thank God she agreed and she took a 1 week off just to be Zahra's nanny. As for Zahra, she enjoyed staying at hotel for the first time.

We stayed at MITC Ancasa Hotel. But, unfortunately, we didn't have time to explore Melaka given the tight schedule. Since I drove there by myself (actually it was my younger brother, hehe...), so at least we managed to spin around some part of Malacca city for a while during lunch hour. that's all. I will update soon. Thanks to those who followed my blog.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shocking news?!

I was reading some blogs and found this....Kenapa Kita Tidak Boleh Makan Ikan Tidak Bersisik???...interesting fact...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Perasaan tidak sabar

Orang tamak selalu rugi..huh..tak sabarnya nak beli rumah bila tengok orang lain ada rumah sendiri..Kenapa tiba-tiba mengalami perasaan tidak sabar ni? Sebab akhirnya suami saya dah menetapkan keputusan bahawa kami akan tinggal di Johor dalam tempoh 10 tahun. So memang kena la beli rumah di sini, tak kan nak menyewa je sepanjang tempoh tu kan? Nanti boleh shopping barang-barang perabot rumah..yea..yea..tapi bila baru dapat beli rumah ni?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My new Cars?!

regarding my previous entry about my new car…well, I got another new car today. Gen 2 1.6 CPS. It is not like I got 2 cars. The other 1 has been returned to the dealer. Why? Well, it was one hell of a story. Somebody who introduced himself as a car dealer came to my house and claimed that car is his. he came out with story that he got duped by some guy (who happens to be another dealer) in a serious forgery crime that involves that car.

So, he asked me to give back "his" car. Wait a minute...that car was mine, I bought it, right? but, I agreed to follow him to the police station and all the drama happened there. To cut the long story short, i didn't handle him the car keys :). I bought it from the dealer, of course if I don't want that car I must return to the dealer besides the bank didn't even pay the dealer the money yet. And another funny scene was, they were chased away by the policewomen..hehehe...

Then, the dealer came and took back that car.end of story. The next day, my husband and I went to Proton Edar and we bought another car. Hehehe..Now, officially I got my new car.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Funny Faces

Lesung pipit

Terkejut or terkujat?

Nak menangis ke?


Excited lagi

Zahra's Videos..

Pelbagai Aksi Zahra untuk tontonan semua...especially..mama





Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hari ibu

Happy mother's day to all mothers in the world especially my dearest mom, "Ma..I love you forever and for always, Nothing would change your greatest love". Not forgotten, to my mother in law, "Thanks for your kindness by taking care of Zahra last month and thanks for giving birth to my husband".

Mother's day is quite different this year since now I am also a mother myself. To my little baby Zahra. Now I think I know what it feels like to be a mother. I felt so blessed and happy and I just want to dedicate my whole life taking care of her. I just wanna treasure every precious moment that I have with her. Actually, the feeling cannot be described by words, and I think no words could adequately describe it. You have to experience it yourself.

To Mothers-to-be; Alina, Kak Ad, Sya, Happy mothers day to all of you and welcome to motherhood. But, sometimes even a mother like me still want to crawl back into my mother's arm...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zahra's play yard

Happy time for Zahra. She can't get enough of her new play yard..

Monday, May 4, 2009


With uncle Zaimi and Aunt Sya

With Kakak

Siri bercakap dengan itik

Ma. as requested..enjoy..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

After delivery, I barely feel my hand. Kadang2 rasa macam kejang je tambah lagi bila bangun dari tidur yang x berapa lena skang ni. Actually I thought it may be because of at the time of my delivery, I may be terpeliotkan tangan ni. But the pain becomes much weirder because the pain becomes much stronger. So, last week I decided to see the doctor for a check up. The doctor asked me, when did I got the pain, I told her after my delivery, and the 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' came out from the doctor's mouth. At that time, I barely recognized what the hell that doctor said. 'Syndrome? What kind of syndrome? Is it dangerous?' So, I manage to find more on this syndrome in the internet. Currently I'm on medication.

General Information
Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to a specific group of symptoms that occur in the hand and forearm. These feelings of tingling, numbness, weakness or pain in the hand, fingers and forearm occur when there is pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. The median nerve extends from the forearm into your hand through a "tunnel" in the wrist. The bottom and sides of this tunnel are formed by wrist bones and the top of the tunnel is covered by a strong band of connective tissue called a ligament. This tunnel also contains nine tendons that connect muscles to bones for bending the fingers and thumb. These tendons are covered with a lubricating membrane called synovium, which may enlarge and swell under some circumstances. If the swelling is sufficient it may cause the median nerve to be pressed up against this strong ligament which may result in numbness, tingling in your hand, clumsiness or pain. This swelling can reduce the size of the tunnel that carries the median nerve and result in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Possible Causes
Any action that causes swelling, thickening or irritation of the synovial membranes around the tendons in the carpal tunnel can result in pressure on the median nerve. Some common causes and associated conditions include repetitive and forceful grasping with the hands; repetitive bending of the wrist; video game playing; improper resting of the wrists when typing on a keyboard; motorcycle or bicycle riding; broken or dislocated bones in the wrist which produce swelling; arthritis, especially the rheumatoid type; thyroid gland imbalance; sugar diabetes; hormonal changes associated with menopause; and pregnancy. Although any of these factors may be present, in many cases the specific cause cannot be identified.

Possible symptoms and complications
Possible symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may include numbness and tingling in the hands, especially when these symptoms occur at night and after use of the hands; decreased feeling in the thumb, index and middle finger; an electric-like shock or tingling (like hitting your "funny bone") in the hand; the ability to reproduce these symptoms by holding the wrists in a bent position for one minute. A doctor may recommend a test for median nerve conduction that will help determine the severity of the pressure on the nerve and may aid in making a diagnosis and forming a treatment plan.

If left untreated, carpal tunnel syndrome can result in permanent weakness and numbness in the affected areas.

Possible Lifestyle Changes
Carpal tunnel syndrome can be prevented by adjusting hand, finger and thumb movements that may put undue pressure on the nerves; switching hands and changing positions often when performing repeated motion tasks; and eliminating salt intake. The best first treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is to change or eliminate activities that may be causing the inflammation or pressure on the carpal tunnel. Mild cases of carpal tunnel syndrome may be treated by applying a brace or splint, which is usually worn at night to keeps the wrist from bending. Resting the wrist allows the swollen and inflamed synovial membranes to shrink, thus relieving the pressure on the median nerve. These swollen membranes may also be reduced in size by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or supplements taken by mouth. In severe cases, a doctor may advise a cortisone injection into the carpal tunnel. This medicine spreads around the swollen synovial membranes surrounding and shrinking the tendons to relieve the pressure on the median nerve, though this may have harmful side effects. The effectiveness of non-surgical treatment is often dependent on early diagnosis and treatment. Patients who do not gain relief from these non-surgical measures may be advised by their doctor to have surgery called a "release" - cutting the ligament that forms the roof of the carpal tunnel to relieve the pressure on the median nerve.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Up and down

I've got my car. :) My brother and my mother brought it all the way from Kelantan. It is nice to have your own, and they brought back my old-borrowed-sentimental value-Kancil. Eventough I finally have my own car, I miss that Kancil so much. mother in law and my sister in law also went back home with, there's nobody to babysit Zahra, and I have to bring her to the lab with me. Fortunately, while my husband and I doing the lab work, she slept like a baby..of course la..she is a baby...lucky me she is a morning lark.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm under a lot of stress coz trying to figure out what method is suitable to locate sulphate ion inside my polymeric bead. Huh..pening kepala I.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I've started my new job last Monday. I got my own room, and they promised me a laptop and a desktop. So far,I still got nothing to do because the deputy dean (who happens to be my boss) is still in Korea. So, I'm currently working very hard to finish my thesis correction. My target is to receive the confirmation of graduation letter by September so that I could get a promotion. Next week, I'll receive my new car, finally, after months trying before I get my 3 months pay slip. Can't wait to test drive the car.
Excited and happy Zahra listening to her yellow duck lullaby... 


Tanjung Piai

Ok, this is our second visit to  Tanjung Piai.  We've been there during our honeymoon. We spend Sultan Johor's birthday last wednesday there with my mother in law and sister in law.

Zahra & me

Then, we decided to go to the very tip of the southernmost mainland Asia. On our way, we were "greeted" by two monkeys. But we were not so fond of their hospitality or should I say hostility as one of them tried to grab Zahra's leg. Me..of course was screaming like hell. My husband tried to scared them away, but the male monkey tried to scare him back. But luckily nothing happened. So, we decided to go back home. Zahra..eventhough cried when she heard me screaming, went back to sleep after I calm her down (p/s: always listen to your mom since she already told not to bring Zhara there.)

Two bad monkeys doing their business

Zahra's sleepy face

Evening @ Danga Bay

These pixs were taken after our 'rushing back home' last Tuesday. Decided last minute to go to Danga Bay since I realized that my mother in law were soooo bored from staying at home all day long with barely nothing to do to occupy their leisure. 

Zara, me, my sister in law (Kinah) and my mother in law 

Friday, April 3, 2009

More Baby Zahra's pix

Itik kuning bertopi biru, bermuncung pink serta bersayap hijau yg boleh mengeluarkan bunyi-bunyian seakan lullaby.. 

Muka selamba br bgn tdo..

Muka Baby Zahra tgh excited tgk org di sekeliling beliau.. 

Aaaachoooom....! Alhamdulillah..