Saturday, May 9, 2009

My new Cars?!

regarding my previous entry about my new car…well, I got another new car today. Gen 2 1.6 CPS. It is not like I got 2 cars. The other 1 has been returned to the dealer. Why? Well, it was one hell of a story. Somebody who introduced himself as a car dealer came to my house and claimed that car is his. he came out with story that he got duped by some guy (who happens to be another dealer) in a serious forgery crime that involves that car.

So, he asked me to give back "his" car. Wait a minute...that car was mine, I bought it, right? but, I agreed to follow him to the police station and all the drama happened there. To cut the long story short, i didn't handle him the car keys :). I bought it from the dealer, of course if I don't want that car I must return to the dealer besides the bank didn't even pay the dealer the money yet. And another funny scene was, they were chased away by the policewomen..hehehe...

Then, the dealer came and took back that car.end of story. The next day, my husband and I went to Proton Edar and we bought another car. Hehehe..Now, officially I got my new car.