Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to face labor..

Ni my traditional midwife yang ajar..Caranya ialah mengawal pernafasan..
Bagi yang dah pecah air ketuban atau mengalami tanda-tanda nak bersalin tetapi bukaan serviks masih belum membolehkan anda bersalin, maka:
1. Anda tidur mengiring
2. Rapatkan kedua kaki dan lipat sedikit kaki anda ke arah dada.
3. Tarik nafas dalam-dalam melalui hidung
4. Hembus perlahan-lahan melalui mulut sehingga ada rasa kehabisan nafas tu di perut
5. Lakukan sehingga rasa contraction bertambah kuat dan sehingga di saat melahirkan bayi
6. Bagi yang belum lagi cukup bulan, bolehla berlatih melakukan pernafasan jenis ini

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Baby Zahra's weird facial expression

Xtau la ape maksud ekspresi muka cmni...

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today is the 8th day of my life as a mom..huh..to get used to the changing routine  really is a big problem to me. After giving birth to Zahra, I spend the whole night just staring at her. As a first time mom, giving birth is a very tiring experience. My water broke at 5.30 am, then i was immediately rushed to the hospital (actually, the hospital is only 2 minutes away from my mother's house). Then, admitted to pre-labor ward (the measurement of my cervics at that time was only 1 cm. All the nurses said that, may be I will deliver my baby around 10 p.m. If that was the case, I might be rushed to other hospital with specialists. 

12 pm, have lunch (after being persuaded by doc and nurse because I really dont have the appetite) . 1 pm, my husband came to pay me a visit, then, 2 pm, he had to leave me again, as the visiting hour ended at 2.00p.m. 
2.30 pm, I felt the contraction  became stronger and stronger. I told the nurse, then she asked me to go the the treatment room to check the cervics opening again, she said, hmm..may be only 3 cm now. But after that, she hurrily rushed me to the labor room, because it was now 5 cm. 

Huh..now...long hours in the labor room...3.30 pm, my mother came in, I told her I was hungry..but I was not allowed to eat..you supposedly know why. Then, one of the nurse asked me, who I would like to have to accompany me during the labor, hmm..of course, my husband. But, due to my mother's past working history at that hospital, she was also allowed to accompany me during my labor. 

4 pm, my hp rang, my best friend, sya, called me, asking me how was my condition, I said "Sya, aku tgh 7 cm ni..x larat nak cakap". Click. 6 pm, 8 cm...The contraction became stronger and stronger..huh..unbearable..9 cm..the degree of the pain  was rising. 10 cm, I start to push. All the midwives in the labor room accompanied me through my labor, not to mention my mother and my beloved husband. 

After long hours of pain and a hungry stomach, in the middle of labor session, I somehow got very tired and felt like fainting.  Everybody were really anxious because it seem like the baby couldn't make it. My mother then, slapped me at the face a couple of time to make sure I was concious. But somehow, with a divine intervention in the form of strength, I managed to push for the last time and "waaa...." I heard my baby's cries. Magically, all the pain went away just like that. 

After long hours of contraction, a hungry stomach, and a tired body, I spend the whole night staring at my new born, crazy me. Hehehe..I felt really grateful to God. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sup Tulang..

This time, i want to write a recipe on how to make sup tulang (Kelantan Version )
Tulang lembu (2Kg)
Sup bunjut 2 pack
Ginger 4 cm
Garlic 10 cloves
Galangal 1cm
Bawang besar 1 biji

Bersihkan semua bahan-bahan, kemudian masukkan semua bahan-bahan. Isikan air sehingga menutupi tulang. Renehkan sehingga masak. Masukkan garam secukup rasa. Hidangkan bersama daun bawang, daun sup