Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hari ibu

Happy mother's day to all mothers in the world especially my dearest mom, "Ma..I love you forever and for always, Nothing would change your greatest love". Not forgotten, to my mother in law, "Thanks for your kindness by taking care of Zahra last month and thanks for giving birth to my husband".

Mother's day is quite different this year since now I am also a mother myself. To my little baby Zahra. Now I think I know what it feels like to be a mother. I felt so blessed and happy and I just want to dedicate my whole life taking care of her. I just wanna treasure every precious moment that I have with her. Actually, the feeling cannot be described by words, and I think no words could adequately describe it. You have to experience it yourself.

To Mothers-to-be; Alina, Kak Ad, Sya, Happy mothers day to all of you and welcome to motherhood. But, sometimes even a mother like me still want to crawl back into my mother's arm...

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