Friday, June 26, 2009


As a new member of the faculty, I've to make sure that I'm ready to meet the demand of university's philosophy. That's why I have to attend a lot of courses in these few weeks...and of course don't have time to update this blog. Last Wednesday, I attended 'Teaching Portfolio Course'. I think it was just another course but I must say, I really learned a lot from my seniors on how to approach students and how to give a lecture. Apart from that, I really like this course because it was different from that course in Melaka. Why? Because last time in Melaka the participants was too eager to show their capabilities sometimes it seem like they want to show off and at times even appeared holier than thou.

Different from this Teaching Portfolio course, the participants were rather prone to share their knowledge in teaching, handling students' behavior, and as well as their own teaching portfolio. I really like this course. A course that really improves me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hi..I'm back

Hi all...went to Malacca last week attending a 1 week program organized by my faculty. A hectic schedule means there's no time for blogging. Luckily I can bring along Baby Zahra with me. So, I asked my mom to accompany me to babysit Zahra. Thank God she agreed and she took a 1 week off just to be Zahra's nanny. As for Zahra, she enjoyed staying at hotel for the first time.

We stayed at MITC Ancasa Hotel. But, unfortunately, we didn't have time to explore Melaka given the tight schedule. Since I drove there by myself (actually it was my younger brother, hehe...), so at least we managed to spin around some part of Malacca city for a while during lunch hour. that's all. I will update soon. Thanks to those who followed my blog.