Monday, July 25, 2011

Student died in motorcycle accident

I was going through my Facebook status when I stumbled upon a shoutout from one of my friend that reads, 'Pelajar Maut – Diseret 200 Meter Di Bawah Bas Ekspress'. I think about a week ago the same news already appeared making headlines in the newspaper (the unfortunate student was from UiTM Shah Alam if I'm not mistaken). I always remind my younger brother to drive (or rather 'ride') safely because he always travels from Kelantan to Kuala Lumpur (back and forth), and sometimes from Kelantan to Kuantan on his motorbike. Traveling long distances by motorcycle is very risky since you are always at the mercy of other road users (esp. cars, trucks, lorries etc). Sometimes even I did not notice motorcyclists passing through especially when they are in the blindspot region. Nonetheless, his fondness to cover long distances with his moped still remains intact despite the news of fatal accident involving motorcyclist. I wonder if riding is all that fun that it is O.K. to compromise on safety.