Friday, November 26, 2010

"My secret recipe, is cooking without a recipe..."- Micheal Smith

For those who do not know who is he, Chef Micheal Smith is a celebrity chef who currently appears in four television shows; The Inn Chef, Chef at Large, Chef at Home and Chef Abroad. I like him, I mean his television shows. For me, his idea of 'Cooking without a recipe' is so inspiring as it allow a room for improvisations, almost like playing music without a score to adhere to.

Among his shows, I really enjoy watching 'Chef at Home' the most. I like his clean, neat and well organized kitchen. And, I also like him because he is a good cook, has a beautiful house by the seaside and not to forget, his good look.

He is also the winner of the James Beard Award for Cooking Show Excellence. Apart from TV shows, he is also an award winning cookbook author, newspaper columnist, restaurant chef and of course a home cook. Every time I watch his show, I'm really impressed by the way he transformed an ordinary recipe into an extraordinary cuisine while at the same time made it looked simple.

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