Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gift or present?

Today, I woke up around 5 a.m because my newborn daughter was crying. It was not because she was hungry but she usually wakes me at around that time just to ‘talk’ and grin to me. So, I took her off the bed and went to the living room and put her on her bouncer. Then, I turned on the television (channel 711). Oh, it was American Music Award (AMA)! At the stage was Micheal Buble won his award through Adult Contemporary Award. “God, I love present!” commented him upon receiving the award.

It reminds me of the gift I’ve got earlier. It was not for me but for my new born daughter. One of my officemate came to my house the evening before and gave me a gift that she and another friend of mine bought earlier.

What a coincidence! It was a box of baby one-piece –clothes and stockings as I’m currently like to dress Hana with one-piece-clothing. She already has 5 pieces of that type of clothing. Macam tau2 je korang ni…! I really love it. The box consists of 4 very girly one-piece-clothes matched with really cute stockings.

Later that day, I dressed her up with one of that one-piece-cloth. Even though that cloth is for 0-6 months old, it seem like it fits her very well. And I’m guessing that those shirts could only be used for another month based since she’s gaining weight steadily over couple of weeks ago. Thank you, guys. Really looking forward to give you guys some cute little gift too.

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