Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weight Loss Program

Last week I received a phone call from a friend saying that one of our friends is getting married. She has been a widow for a year and a half. Looking back to what she has been through, I realize how she has changed. When she was still married to her first husband, she looked a bit plump and a little aged in her thirties. At that time her husband was ailing, suffering from some disease of unknown etiology. The passing of her husband has rendered her more miserable than ever before. As a close friend, I felt very sad and terrible, but what can I do more than consoling her when she confided in me.

A few months ago when I went to her office to pay a visit, since it was months since we last met. As I was standing near a counter (a bit baffled), looking for her, someone asked me, “Are you looking for someone?”. I said that I was looking for my friend. Then she pointed to a lady at the next counter. Oh my God! Is that really her!? She was barely recognizable. She looked very much a different person now. She looked slimmer and a lot younger. So, I asked her, what is her secret, she said she’s on a diet regime that consisted of strictly organic foods.

I have gained a lot of weight after I got married and after having two kids my weight has never show any sign of decrease. Thanks to all of those late night supper at Mamaks’ with my husband, sharing ice-cream and cake with my elder daughter; these are all the culprit that have contribute to my ‘sustainable’ excessive weight. But then again, it is hard to resist the lure of our culture’s comfort foods with their tempting aroma and enticing savor. Even Mat Salleh like Anthony Bourdain couldn’t help but to succumb to the temptation of roti nan, char kuew teow, teh tarik and nasi lemak (just to list a few).

After that visit to my friend, I realized that I also can shed away my excessive weight by committing myself to organic diet regime. So what is Organic food? Organic foods are made in a way that complies with organic standards set by national governments and international organizations. It is food products that produce without using any chemicals and pesticides (which is using biological control).

Besides taking Organic food I also do some reading on how to lose weight. I have just finished an e-book by George Best entitled ‘The Total Solution for the Weight Loss Impaired’. This book discussed how to lose weight and what are major things to avoid when losing weight. It is also interesting to discover that fat storing are control by three hormones; insulin, cortisol and estrogen. Hmmm… nobody ever told me that before.

He also concluded that fat storing is largely stimulated by; excess carbohydrate consumption, excess stress (physical and/or emotional), excess estrogen and estrogen-like chemicals (such as chemical pesticides, fertilizers, etc. [that’s why we need to consume organic food]). Whilst fat burning is stimulated by; Good liver function (avoiding the overconsumption of fat, protein, alcohol, and drugs/medications, Low carbohydrate consumption (yes, we must cut those carbs in our diet), aerobic exercise (relatively short duration, high intensity activity) and adequate sleep (at least 7 hours of restful sleep per night).

The writer also recommends how to lose weight and present many recipes for cutting the carbs in our diet. If I manage to reduce weight after following the techniques recommended, I think you guys should do the same.


  1. after i deliver my 2nd baby, i'm planning to go to a slimming boutique. i feel so stressed when i see my post-pregnancy tummy & stretch marks.

  2. One of my friend said, 'Stetch marks adalah tanda kita menjadi seorang ibu' Feeling proud to have them..hehehe..