Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sorry kind of busy lately. Currently very busy with my newborn daughter, Haifa Safiya Alhana. It took more than 9 months of tinkering to think of her name (choosing a right name is one of the hardest part for most parents, you can only do mistake that you can't afford once). Labor this time was much easier than the first time. Why, because, 3 hours prior to labor I still can go for a shopping without realizing that i'm having a contraction.

By the way, new style for my blog. Done it while taking care of three other members of my family. Hope that I can update my blog often than before ?(hmm..with additional baby la kan...).


  1. Hopefully labor gets easier with time and age. Rasanya makin tua, makin tak larat nak berhempas pulas tahan sakit bersalin.

  2. haha... neighbor saya kata, akalu anak gap setahun lebih macam senang nak bersalin, kalau lama2 macam susah sket la..