Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bread, bakery, supermarket and fungus??

After having a boring afternoon, I've decided to do some shopping at our nearest supermarket, with my two daughters and my husband. So we went there picking up things into the shopping trolley and then we made our way to a bakery there. While randomly scrutinizing the pastries displayed on the display cabinet, I spotted something that is not supposed to be there. Not on the display cabinet. Why don't you guys take a look at the picture below.

Yes...it was some kind of fungus. A pathogenic one. For heaven's sake, why haven't they realize it because they suppose to regularly inspect their goods even in their inventory let alone the one on the display. The black spot probably suggesting that some airborne Aspergillus niger spores manage to find their way there.

What happen if we get infected by this type of fungus? well, this nasty fungus is notorious for its inherent ability to cause Aspergillosis, a kind of allergenic reaction that could prove to be lethal for asthma patients (Source: Wikipedia).

I urge those who run retail or grocery stores to periodically check your inventories of perishable goods for the sake of consumers health. Just imagine what would happen if a consumer who happens to be an asthma patient accidentally consumed it...For you guys out there, please be careful when you go shopping especially food, make sure that it has not pass it expiration date.