Friday, January 23, 2009


It is almost 37th week of my pregnancy, and I've been suffering from contraction and lower back pain regularly especially at night. Huh..I wish I could throw this pain away as it seems to be unbearable nowadays. Last night was the 5th night I could not have a sound sleep. And every night the pain growing even stronger and  stronger. Sometimes I'm thinking "Am I going to labor tonight?". Thinking about some people keep telling me that the labor pain is much much more painful than what I'm suffering right now horrified me even more. That means that the pain that I'm suffering right now is just fraction of the real labor pain :(. 

Sometime I keep wondering how in the world can I deliver my baby. Am I strong enough to bring him to this world? After the accident we had during my 2nd month of pregnancy, everything changed a lot. Especially me, I guest. Of course not to mention my belly become bigger and bigger within this past few weeks. I'm having trouble sleeping at night, backache accompanying my growing belly, my husband health condition (Owh..after that accident he regularly stroke by CVS, almost every week. Before that we enjoyed our live to the fullest because we thought that he has fully recuperated after 4 months of CVS-free-live). I wish after this we can live that live again with our new family member.


  1. semoga selamat melahirkan baby yg comel & sihat.. dan semoga dipermudahkan segalanya, insyaAllah :)

  2. betul la...kesakitan yg kita lalui skrg sikit je kalau nk banding dgn sakit b'salin nnti...hmm...kena kuatkan semangat..jgn depressed-depressed lagi!...chaiyo!