Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was hospitalized last week..huhu..kinda sad...but it only for 2 days and 1 night..macam percutian la plak..Bosan tahap cipan tinggal dalam wad. Well, the reason why I was hospitalized was due to my condition; my blood pressure was high (141/85), proteinuria, ederma and my baby's condition.The story began when I went for my regular check up, and told the Doc that my baby's kick was not as before I took the antibiotic given by the Doc. So, she immediately wrote a letter to another Doc incharge at the Hospital Daerah and asked me to go there for another detailed check up. So, when I was arrived at the hospital, I was rushed into the ER and immediately the Doc checked for my baby's heart beat. was so tiring. 2 hours lying there without doing nothing with some sort of microphone on your stomach..actually I was attached to a mechine called TCG. After that, the Doc suggested that I should be admitted to the ward because they want to check me up for every 4 hours interval (my bp, my baby's heart beat).  The next day after the Doc was satisfied with TCG result (owh..the repeat the TCG 3 times when I was warded), I was discharged.

Late night in the ward (everybody was sleeping except me)

Me (at TCG examination dengan bantuan oksigen)

My big fat fingers (Ederma)

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