Friday, December 17, 2010

Fly to Seoul Boom Boom Boom...

Nowadays, when I login to my facebook account, I would usually see pictures of my friends with snowy backyard of their houses or playing snow with their kids. It reminds me of the last winter that I spent in Korea. It reminds me more of Korea every time I watch Korean Tourism Video 'Fly to Seoul'. I went there for an invention fair held at COEX, Seoul, Korea. It was my first time experiencing the cold of winter besides the cold of monsoon back in Malaysia.

When I arrived at Inchoen airport, the temperature was around 2 degree celcius. For me, a first timer, it was unbearable and it wasn't snowing yet. We were impatiently waiting for the snow. We spent 10 days in Korea, mostly in Seoul. I wore 4 layers of clothes, but still, the breeze of winter could be felt.

During our trip to Nami Island (a.k.a the Winter Sonata Island), we were excited because finally we saw the snow falling from the sky. We told the bus driver to stop and we try to catch the snow with our hands (probably the Koreans will find us as jakun or something).

Back then, I still remember how I would rush back home to watch Winter Sonata during my industrial training days. It was the first Korean drama series that managed to catch my attention. The drama starred Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo. I can still remember every place they've been in the island at the time I went there. almost like a deja vu.

At that island, we also stumbled upon this cute little squirrel. He was so 'friendly' and really know how to pose in front of camera.


  1. cantiknya pemandangan dia... you're so lucky to get to step foot there!

  2. yes...tambahan lagi kos tambang and penginapan semua ditanggung.