Monday, January 12, 2009

35th Weeks

Huh..I went to see my OB yesterday for my regular antenatal check up, and guess what? My blood pressure reading reaches almost 140/85, ederma and not forgetting about the presence of protein in my urine. And she asked me to come back tomorrow for another check up. May be I should be hospitalized because all the signs suggest that i have pre-eclampsia. Huh..again..luckily my baby still agressively moving up and down.

But, I wonder, what make my blood pressure went too high currently. Because, I'm being extra careful with what I ate, I sleep on time, I dont think I experience any stress right now, because I have nothing to worry about. Or, may be because of my backache that seems to come and go almost everyday. So, I have to lay down or having my husband massage my back to reduce the pain. 

Finally, this is my pregnancy pict as and my not so big belly..

Me, 32nd weeks of my pregnancy

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