Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New blog page..

Finally i decided to create my own blog using blogspot. Why? may be because of the features provided by blogspot compared to friendster's blog that is not as user friendly as the blogspot. This is my new beginning... may be because i want to start my new year's life with new beginning (this sentence seem to show that my life before this is sucks). No, it just i want to start a new journey of life, besides, i'm going to be a mother soon..very soon. This is a big change of life. May be this blog will be about my baby again and again..hahaha..;)


  1. waa..

    quote "this blog will be about my baby again and again"

    tu dia, bunyi mcm bukan satu baby..tapi mcm dua tiga empat =)


    kita buat link exchange ek..


    love you sis!

  2. hehehe...doa2kan..insyaAllah bertambah murah rezeki akak..:)